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Mega Coaster Kondaa – Walibi Belgium

4 mai 2021

A record-breaking roller coaster at Walibi Belgium

The imposing silhouette of “Kondaa” now dominates the horizon at Walibi Belgium. The theme park is pursuing great ambitions with this roller coaster, which marks another milestone in the investment programme initiated by the Compagnie des Alpes in 2016. As has previously been reported, this is part of an investment plan which aims to transform 75 percent of the park. The company invested 25 million euros of its own funds in the new attraction, which was implemented as part of an expansion of the “Exotic World” themed area.

20 seconds of airtime

“Kondaa is not only the highest and fastest roller coaster in the Benelux countries, but also the most ambitious project at our park since it opened in 1975,” General Manager Jean­ Christophe Parent told EAP The mega coaster was constructed by lntamin Amusement Rides, the Liechtenstein ­based manufacturer, which prevailed over two of its main competitors in winning the contract. “lntamin appealed to us because their proposed concept was the most innovative and sensational, ” explains Julien Simon, Project Manager at Compagnie des Alpes.

Expanding Exotic World

Kondaa forms the centrepiece of a new 4. 5 hectare themed area that also houses a restaurant, a shop and a children ‘s attraction called “Kondaala “, which Was previously present in the park and is now in a new location.

ln 2018 we launchedthe Exotic World themed area with Tiki Waka. Whereas the original part of this area is very colorful as it is thematically inspired by Polynesian islands, for the expansion we have chosen a more sombre and impressive theme. Two bridges will connect the two sections. When our visitors cross these bridges, they become the first explorers of a world forgotten for thousands of years, in which nature has reclaimed thousand-year-old structures,” explains Jean-Christophe Parent General Manager.

He adds : “For this new theme world we wanted to raise the bar again in terms of the quality of the theming and the overall immersion. We also wanted to work with new suppliers this time, so the firm of AAB was our partner for the implementation of the new area in which Kondaa is located.

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